Britain does beaches

12 Aug

I won’t lie. I’m very London when it comes to the dim view I have on the inglorious nature of Britain’s natural landscapes. But my dad’s always been keen to get us out and exploring the wonder that this small island nation has to offer and I’ve always been a big fan of road trips (mostly because I enjoy sleeping in moving vehicles a little too much), so off we set this weekend, for a gander down the coast.

Durdle Door itself is just a humble rock formation, but the coves it sits between are home to some of the clearest bluest water I’ve ever seen on home soil. There was an instant I wondered if I hadn’t in fact slipped off the side of the unfenced cliff trails leading down to the beach, and magically landed in some French Polynesian paradise.

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Travel: the only thing you buy that makes you richer

28 Jul

Travel means different things to different people. Some go to run away, others driven by an endless sense of wonder and discovery. Whatever the reason, people always come back with more than when they left. It’s impossible not to. Whether its photos, souvenirs, or priceless memories, nobody ever returns from a trip empty handed. It’s the beauty of travel.

Then there are those lucky few, who come back with something more. The innocent adventure abroad has stirred something inside them, affected the nature of their being, changed the way they see the world.

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22 May

It’s not often I get so excited about food I forget how to operate a camera. But that’s what happened today, while I was off to lunch in Bombay, at Dishoom in Shoreditch.

I’ve walked past the Covent Garden location more times than I can count on my way to work, and as something of a self proclaimed snob, dismissed it as one of many Central London restaurants existing solely to satisfy the whims of hungry tourists.

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Taco Wars

18 May

It’s what I imagine foodie heaven to look like: an empty lot in East London lined with flat tops ready to grill up battle worthy taco fillings in Tweat Up‘s second Taco Wars event.

And apparently even London was interested to see what the ten ‘Taco Warriors’ had in store, as it kept the rain at bay to allow the 400 ticket wielding public judging panel to bask in the sweet aromas of sizzling meats and fresh squeezed lime – among some of the more traditional items filling those homemade tacos!

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6 May

Since Burma is now Myanmar, does Mandalay now technically do Myanmarese food? Either way, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves in for when we made our way to this the restaurant SF locals rave about (at the ever reliable, Chowhound, of course).

But what is travel about, if not discovering new things? We consider ourselves fairly adventurous diners, always willing to try most things once (as long as it’s not still alive…!) and with all my research, I had failed to come across even one bad comment about Burmese cuisine, whatever it may be.

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